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APS Seal Lube 60000 Lubricant Gel ( APS-CAM057 )


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Manufacturer: APS

  • 2ml x 2 Tube
  • Features :
    Maintain and extend the life or your gun with this 100% synthetic lubricants gel. This lubricant does not contain any distilled petroleum that could harm parts in your gun. This 2ml gel is convenient for carrying and will last a long time. You will find this gel is essential to conserve and properly lubricate. It is great to clean and lubricate machinery parts, gears, o-ring, tools, and plastic parts on a Airsoft or Air Gun. This Gel enhances the sealing ability and extend the life of the o-rings. Just be sure to use the gel on your cleaning brush rather than directly inject into machinery or parts, so as not to over lubricate.